Not Another Celebrity Movie without Vida's Ass

Another one of those barely funny spoof movies is coming out.  It's called Not Another Celebrity Movie and it will faeture B-list celebrities making fun of themlves with other actors posing as real celebrities.  Thankfully, there will be a reason to see this movie.  That reason is Vida Guerra, and she will be playing Charlie Sheen's maid.  Vida' ass, I mean Vida in a maid's outfit in the movie that will most certainly contain tons of nudity?  Sign me up.

Until we have real pictures from the movie, take a look at these:

Vida Guerra Ass

vida guerra ass

Vida Guerra has perhaps one of the nicest asses you could imagine.  Her booty is so thick and juicy that any man with a straight dick would love to stick it in her bumpin trunk. 

Vida Guerra Goes Topless!

vida guerra topless

We all remember seeing this hottie in those popular men's magazines, just waiting for her to give up the goods. The wait is over! Feast your eyes on this bootylicious babe... Vida Guerra's perky tits are just begging to be fondled. Just look how she is squeezing them together, looking at you with those fuck me eyes.

Her body is wrapped in a slinkly pink ribbon or perhaps it was the torn pieces of her bikini top? Either way wouldn't you love to be that ribbon? See how the light hits her perfectly sculpted tummy leading down to her cute little tatoo -you know she has to be a naughty one behind closed doors.

Overall she looks stunning in this photograph, her hair is perfect, body nicely tanned. I would say the only thing lacking here would be the presence of her bikini bottoms. I'm sure we would all love to see what she has going on down there.. check back soon and maybe we will have that pussy for you to see next time!